For the record

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“Not only does Iran maintain that the Gulf is Persian in name.”
— The Economist

Not only?

In the Nov. 6 issue of The Economist, in an article about the GCC, “Caught in the middle but still perky,” a list of apparent grievances against Iran includes the right it maintains to call the Persian Gulf by its long-established name: Persian Gulf.

I have included an entry from the Associated Press Stylebook for those re-writing their own stylebooks as they go along. The AP is after all “the essential global news network, providing distinctive news services of the highest quality, reliability and objectivity with reports that are accurate, balanced and informed.”

One Response to “For the record”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    That this is even an issue for Iranians shows a certain, oh I don’t know, tendency toward idleness. How Princess and the pea can you get?

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