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More of the same

November 19, 2008

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Tehran Bureau | comment

News this week that Hillary Clinton is a top candidate for secretary of state in the Obama administration should be shocking — or not, if you prescribe to the “more of the same” philosophy about American politics.

The thought of it is extremely disappointing and makes one wonder what that move would do for U.S.-Iran relations.

When I first visited the foreign policy page of the President-elect’s Website, Iran was the first issue discussed. At the time I thought it was a bold move to place that at the top of his public agenda. In less than two weeks it’s slipped, or should I say been re-assigned, to third, after Afghanistan and Pakistan and Nuclear Weapons. Clearly Iran has much to do with those two countries and world fears about proliferation, but how Iran fits into the new administration’s plans is the issue.

Furthermore, by choosing Hillary Clinton as secretary of state, who will be the people advising the State Department on Iran? Will it be someone from among the Iranian self-congratulators, or perhaps an Ahmad Chalabi type who uses disinformation to get us to intervene in Iran?

Whoever it is, we’d like to know, because it will have a huge bearing on how supportive we can be of any “new” Iran policy.

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